Thursday, August 1, 2013

The All New Movin Shoes PR Club

Movin Shoes is happy to announce the creation of its all new PR Club!

The PR Club is our Personal Rewards Club and has many cool features (and it is FREE to join)! But what a PR is also personal when it comes to running. A PR can be your fastest race, your longest run, your most beautiful run, the run you just feel the best about! We understand that not all runners have the same goals, and that each of these goals has its own wonderful place in our lives.

So we love the idea of our PR Club because it is not just about saving money, it is about experiencing running, each of us in our own way in ways Movin Shoes is committed to sharing with you.

Yes, there are savings! Members earn a $15 Store Credit (these credits NEVER expire and there are NO EXCLUSIONS on their use) for every $150 spent (either in our stores or online at and are usable on your next purchase. But there is more.

Membership also garners you:

  • Exclusive Member Events and Offers
  • Special Birthmonth Savings
  • Announcements of New Events
  • Tracking of Purchase History
  • More ... with new value added constantly ...
Enrollment is EASY and FREE! 

All you have to do is drop into the store and register! Accruing Rewards Credits begins immediately!

There are, of course, some Terms and Conditions
·         PR Club credits are redeemable only on future in-store purchases
·         PR Club credits are not redeemable for cash and no change is given
·         PR Club totals  will be reduced by any merchandise returned or refunded
·         Gift Card purchases do not count toward  PR Club credits
·         Purchases made with a Gift Card are eligible for accrual of  PR Club credits
·         State sales tax applies to all purchases, including PR Club redemption purchases
·         One name per PR Club account. The  Movin Shoes PR Club  is reserved for individuals and same-household families
·         Organizations, corporations and non-for-profits are not eligible for membership. Once established, accounts cannot be combined to earn rewards
·         State sales tax amount does not apply toward PR Club points
Training programs, event fees or services do not count towards PR Club points

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