Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More than Running: Yoga and Circuit Training for Runners at Movin Shoes

A Running Store is not just a running store. A running store is a place that helps runners and walkers, builds community, opens up new doors and creates new opportunities for people.

At Movin Shoes we are pleased to be that.

More than shoes, we offer a place to meet up with new runners and walkers and help people find new ways to enjoy the sport and grow as a member of it.

We offer more than just the usual group runs (though we love those too), but also some classes that are both unique and interesting.

We encourage everyone to attend our "Circuit Training For Runners" classes that happen every Thursday at the Movin Shoes store in Pacific Beach. The class is FREE and focused on specific strength, mobility, and rhythms of running. We meet at 6pm every Thursday at the store and take a short trek up to beautiful Kate Sessions Park for the main part of the workout. Expect about 2 miles of running total, and some awesome strength development as well.

We also are offering a Yoga For Runners class at Movin Shoes in Encinitas! The classes are Thursday Evenings at 7pm.

Yoga is another tool in the tool shed for runners and walkers looking to find ways to stay healthy and happy. The class, led by Suzanne Ellard, is designed with runners in mind and targets specific areas that runner's tend to need focusing on.

The class is donation based, so come on in and enjoy and discover!

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