Friday, March 8, 2013

Kayano 20th Anniversary

*** We will have the Kayano 20 available at once it is available ***

Once in a while at Movin Shoes, we get to see the stuff that is coming before the rest of the world, and we were lucky this week to get a sneak peek at the some new Winter 2013 Asics shoes!  The shoes we saw were all AWESOME, and included the GT2000 2, the GT1000 2, the all new Asics Super J33 and the 20th Anniversary of the Kayano, the Gel Kayano 20!!!!

We are going to write up a bit about each of these shoes, but we will start with the Kayano 20.

The Kayano has been the flagship shoe of the ASICS brand for 20 years for good reason. It is the shoe that has launched a thousand advancements! From Trustic Supports to Toploaded Cushioning, many of the traditional features of today's ASICS brand started out in the Kayano.

So what is the big deal for this October (slated for release on Ocotber 1st, 2013)? Do not fret about fit or feel on the ground, as ASICS is wise in keeping the tried and true aspects of this shoe steady. Instead you will find an increased emphasis on how the upper feels, with more FluidFit (Multi Stretch Mesh) and a reduction in the seems that might bother the foot in favor of welded overlays that are more pliable. In addition, the FluidRide toploaded cushioning will continue to be advanced as a means to offering a comfortable and continuous cushioned feel beneath your foot while still allowing the DuoMax Support System to do its work in correcting overpronation.

We are excited also about the cosmetics. These shoes are well designed visually, and also will be coming in a special Anniversary Color in October alone.

Colors and patterns are great, with call outs of classic looks and new ideas. Overall these are pretty spectacular improvements to a shoe that needs very little extra to make it better.

The final piece of the puzzle?


The new Kayano 20 will come in at $160, up $10 from the Kayano 19, but to us it seems a like a worthwhile price increase based on the quality of product improvements to both fit and function.

Movin Shoes will have these in October 2013, and we look forward to helping you discover if it is the right shoe for you.


  1. Big question for me is: Will they offer these amazing colors for D width? I'm so tired of getting all excited about the beautiful colors only to learn that I will, once again, have only the blue available to me:(

    1. D Width for women only comes in one color, but I am not sure which one that will be at the moment. Just a few more weeks and we will find out!

  2. omgomgomgomg i CANNOT WAIT :D kayanos are one of my two go-tos! <3asicss

  3. I heartily agree! People with wider feet (I'm 2E) often go into Kayanos because of their biomechanics. Yet we only have boring colors available. It's frustrating.

  4. My understanding is that women can convert their size to the comparable men's size in order to get the D width. Anyone know if that is accurate?

    1. Yes ... and the comparable size varies from shoe to shoe but is between 1 and 1.5 shoe sizes.


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