Thursday, February 7, 2013

Team Movin Shoes


What does it mean?

A few things.  Team Movin Shoes is every single Movin Shoes customer. Team Movin Shoes is you.

Team Movin Shoes is also the people we help support because we love the sport and we love to give back. Team Movin Shoes is the Elite Development Program and the Race Team too.

We feel that it is the best catch-all complete way to include all of our favorite people in one beautiful organization that is dedicated to both the excellence of the top achievers in the sport but also to the people who make the sport thrive.

We will be launching new and varied Team Movin Shoes initiatives over the next year, but first we want to thank ASICS for their support of the year old Movin Shoes Elite Development Team this season. They are helping local aspiring high level Track and Field athletes develop. Last year the team produced 1 Olympian and another Olympic Trials competitor. In addition, 2 other athletes achieved Olympic Trials Qualifiers. This season Linda Rainwater has already qualified for the USA Indoor Championships in the High Jump.

Look for greatness from her, as well as teammates Sonali Merrill (400m Hurdles), Stephanie LeFever (Long Jump),  Nick Howe (Javelin), Kelly Fogarty (100m and 200m), Jeff Head (Long Jump), Danielle Thu (Hammer Throw) and Jackie Boo Rose (400m).

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