Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running With The Heroes

A few short weeks ago one of the newest members of Team Movin Shoes, Mike McMonagle, found out he had won the lottery for an entry into the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Mike is relatively new to the San Diego area, having moved here last summer, and found Movin Shoes through the "Race the Sun Summer Fun Trail Runs" which we held last summer. He is an avid Trail Runner, and a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy.

Seizing on his entry into the WS100 as an opportunity, Mike has started a fundraising campaign for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, with a stated goal of raising $1000. Well, he managed to do that in less than a day and the new goal is $10000, and Movin Shoes is going to be finding ways to support this effort.

This will begin at the Mt. Soledad Challenge 10k, a minor variation on the usual Monday Run from the PB store, to be held on February 25th. The run is brutal (in 10k terms) and beautiful, and best of all FREE! But we will be also suggesting a donation to Mike's effort for all who wish to. Anything from $1 to $100.

You can also donate today online HERE.

We will also be hosting a SPECIAL Mountain Monthly Trail Run that will be doing the same thing (likely the April run).

This is one of those rare charity running events where 100% of all donations go directly to the charity.

Read about Mike's event on his Facebook Event Here and come on out and join in the Movin Shoes opportunities to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

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  1. I think you guys are amazing for supporting Mike in this way!!!!!!!


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