Thursday, February 7, 2013

Running in San Diego

Running in San Diego is awesome. Year round great weather, beautiful views, and the chance to run with some great people!

Last night I remembered how awesome it is as I ran through Hillcrest and Balboa Park on a nighttime escapade that made the evening come alive.

I have just decided to run in the Hot Chocolate 15k coming up in March and I needed to start getting serious. My coach cracked the whip and said NO WAITING, TIME TO GET ROLLING, so I headed out the door in my adidas adiZero Tempo at 8pm for my run. The night was crisp at the start, but as we run we warm up and the was rolling along happy and warm.

We love that this is town that there is so much going on and that the running world seems to be welcoming at every turn (I saw about 6 other runners out there, as well as numerous people taking an evening constitutional stroll).

San Diego!  We love you. Come share our love of running here on our weekly and monthly runs! Read about them and more on our latest E-Mail Club flyer.

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