Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday Night Run Mayhem

So we started this new Monday Run at Movin Shoes in Pacific Beach.  You might have heard about it, or you might not have.

While currently a small cousin of the run in Encinitas on Mondays, last night we had the biggest showing and we had some awesome times and brainstormed two upcoming events!!!

So next Monday, February 18, we are going to host the first ever Movin Shoes Pacific Beach Pub Run. Merrell will be hosting the first round after the run (PB Tap Room).  The run will start at 6:00pm and be between 3-4 miles (your choice) and then we will stroll down to Tap Room and maybe Fred's after that.

RSVP on our facebook event so we have in IDEA of how many people might attend.

Next up, the following Monday (February 25th) we will be doing our first ever Soledad Challenge 10k!

Store door to store door, straight up and straight back down. 6.2 miles. 620 feet of elevation gain (and then loss). No prizes except honor and bragging rights. 6:10pm start to celebrate the start of Daylight Savings Time and evening light to run with!

Course Records will be established. Entry is FREE!  We might ask for shoe donations from people to help the San Diego homeless population, but this will not be mandatory.

On that same day at our Encinitas Monday Run, we will be having a special Carlsbad 5000 Entry Party at 6pm in association with the store run!

Save Cash Money and register at the event, as well as join the usual Monday Madness!  Fun everywhere!

Check us out!  So much fun!

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