Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning to Run

As runners we are always learning more about our sport, and one of the biggest things to learn is that there are no absolutes and no certainties. There is ALWAYS more to learn and new ways to grow.

At the stores we are constantly having the same experience, and we are confronted by new ideas and concepts continuously. This can be from new training ideas to new technologies in shoes or apparel.

We do know that we have accrued a HUGE amount of knowledge about a lot of things and that we LOVE to share this knowledge with you, the San Diego Running Community! This is why we started the Movin Shoes Elements of Running Series, designed to take about specific aspects of running and present time in layman's terms so that any and all runners can learn and grow.

We started with a clinic on Form, Posture, Cadence, and Footstrike. This clinic has been met with enthusiasm and warmth from all participants, and will be offered again in just 1 week.

You can sign up for it in advance ($10 preregistered and $15 day of event) or at the clinic itself. We cover, in the most simple ways, the importance of posture and rhythm and a few other aspects of movement to enjoying running (either to make it easier or to go faster or longer).

We will be adding a clinic on the benefits of Multi-Tiered Training soon too, discussing the important of everything from running fast to running slow (and how to blend these things to make your running better).

Movin Shoes is not just your running store, Movin Shoes is your running resource. We know the sport. We know the town. We know the products needed. And we love all of this.

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