Saturday, February 9, 2013

BOOSTing in the Future

The All New adidas BOOST is set to hit the stores soon. What is this shoe all about? Well, it is a revolutionary new method of treating an age old midsole material, essentially.

Back in the proverbial "Day", midsoles lasted longer because they were made with Polyurethane (PU). These midsoles were heavier, stiffer and less responsive than the newer material EVA. What adidas has done has been to replicate the durability of PU and blend it with the responsiveness of EVA. 

The results: an exceptionally cushioned and durable and responsive shoe!

It feels soft at ground impact but firm at toe off. It has more bounce to it than seems realistic, and it fits and feels great! 

While we will not be selling it until the end of the month, look for it to be in stores soon so you can SEE it at least.

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