Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beer and Running

Movin Shoes hosted it's first ever Monday Evening Pub Run and we had an amazing and diverse group of runners attend and have a great time!  34 runners in total, and with special thanks to Merrell they each were treated to a beer at the local beer pub The SD Tap Room.

The run, a weekly event (usually without beer) has been steadily growing, but it gave us pause to think about the strong and great relation that running has with beer!  This run, which has seen a nice steady level of participation at about 5-10 runners, ballooned to 34 with just a few days notice about the free beer! (Granted a few were unaware of the beer offer, and others made the choice to not have a beer at all, so it was not solely due to beer that the run grew so well).

Beer really does seem to quench the thirst of a runner well, but we do caution you to not overdue beer consumption post workout (especially if you taxed the body hard and are dehydrated), but it seems to speak nearly universally to the runner in us all. Why beer? Maybe it is the grain. We sense the the liquid bread aspect of the beverage and we long to replenish carbohydrates. Whatever it is, it seems to be a strong driving force for many of us, and we give thanks for it. We are lucky to be in San Diego too, where really good beer with many diverse tastes are available with ease.

Movin Shoes Pub Run?  Why yes!  We will be back!

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