Wednesday, February 20, 2013

adidas Boost

So we have now seen and felt the new adidas Boost running shoe, and it is pretty sweet.

The big deal is really the cushioning system and the new "Energy Capsules" that are made from what is known as "Closed Cell" technology (which in layman's terms means that they are not going to break down as quickly).

Another benefit, purported by adidas, are that these much more durable cushioning capsules maintain the same feel in a broad array of temperatures, from heat to cold, and even in the more temperate climes of San Diego (tough to achieve, we know).

While these are all very nice, the real story is that this is a great feeling shoe. It might feel a little on the soft side when first trying it on, but the forefoot is very responsive in spite of it's cushioned nature. The fit is pretty dialed in, and it helps that the upper material is very forgiving and works with many foot shapes.

While it's initial incarnation is only available in a neutral model, look for the shoe to add some cousins in the Fall with the adiStar Boost and the adiZero Boost. We are excited to see what adidas can do with this new technology, but even with that this new shoe is a pretty awesome introduction of a new material story.

We approve.

Available in our 3 stores in San Diego in Late February.

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