Friday, February 22, 2013

Adding Fun and Fitness to the Mix

Movin Shoes is working hard to augment your running experience and grow your abilities. We have been adding new and better events on a regular basis all year, and we are going to highlight a few here for you!

The latest (and one of the greatest we think) is the ALL NEW Circuit Training for Runners workouts that will be led by Team Movin Shoes member and Movin Shoes employee Kelly Fogarty! The first location for the class is going to be at the PB Store on Thursday Evenings at 6pm. Expect a great workout that emphasizes strength development and injury prevention through body weight movements and running.

Classes begin March 14th and cost $15 for drop in, or $40 for 4 Classes. Meet at the store in PB at 6pm.

Other recent additions are thematic events at our Monday Evening Runs (including the new one at Pacific Beach.

Here are 3 upcoming events:

Carlsbad 5000 Kickoff Party at the Encinitas Store! Monday, February 25th at 6pm. New Balance and Competitor Group will be there offering up great running, lots of fun, and a discount on the entry for the Carlsbad 5000!!!!

Soledad Challenge 10k at the Pacific Beach store. Also held Monday, February 25th, this will be the first time we formally present this on the Monday Run. It might be one of the toughest 10k runs you will ever see, and it will be fun. We are also promoting an active donation to the Special Operations Warrior Fund with the run, so come by, have some fun, and make a donation to a worthy cause.

St Patricks Day Fun Beer Run! Monday, March 18th come to the PB store and wear green!  We will be running a few easy miles and enjoying some Green Flash Brewery beer afterwards at the store. We might stroll down to Hoboken Pizza afterwards.

Don't miss other new and exciting clinics and events either that will continually be popping up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

adidas Boost

So we have now seen and felt the new adidas Boost running shoe, and it is pretty sweet.

The big deal is really the cushioning system and the new "Energy Capsules" that are made from what is known as "Closed Cell" technology (which in layman's terms means that they are not going to break down as quickly).

Another benefit, purported by adidas, are that these much more durable cushioning capsules maintain the same feel in a broad array of temperatures, from heat to cold, and even in the more temperate climes of San Diego (tough to achieve, we know).

While these are all very nice, the real story is that this is a great feeling shoe. It might feel a little on the soft side when first trying it on, but the forefoot is very responsive in spite of it's cushioned nature. The fit is pretty dialed in, and it helps that the upper material is very forgiving and works with many foot shapes.

While it's initial incarnation is only available in a neutral model, look for the shoe to add some cousins in the Fall with the adiStar Boost and the adiZero Boost. We are excited to see what adidas can do with this new technology, but even with that this new shoe is a pretty awesome introduction of a new material story.

We approve.

Available in our 3 stores in San Diego in Late February.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beer and Running

Movin Shoes hosted it's first ever Monday Evening Pub Run and we had an amazing and diverse group of runners attend and have a great time!  34 runners in total, and with special thanks to Merrell they each were treated to a beer at the local beer pub The SD Tap Room.

The run, a weekly event (usually without beer) has been steadily growing, but it gave us pause to think about the strong and great relation that running has with beer!  This run, which has seen a nice steady level of participation at about 5-10 runners, ballooned to 34 with just a few days notice about the free beer! (Granted a few were unaware of the beer offer, and others made the choice to not have a beer at all, so it was not solely due to beer that the run grew so well).

Beer really does seem to quench the thirst of a runner well, but we do caution you to not overdue beer consumption post workout (especially if you taxed the body hard and are dehydrated), but it seems to speak nearly universally to the runner in us all. Why beer? Maybe it is the grain. We sense the the liquid bread aspect of the beverage and we long to replenish carbohydrates. Whatever it is, it seems to be a strong driving force for many of us, and we give thanks for it. We are lucky to be in San Diego too, where really good beer with many diverse tastes are available with ease.

Movin Shoes Pub Run?  Why yes!  We will be back!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running With The Heroes

A few short weeks ago one of the newest members of Team Movin Shoes, Mike McMonagle, found out he had won the lottery for an entry into the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Mike is relatively new to the San Diego area, having moved here last summer, and found Movin Shoes through the "Race the Sun Summer Fun Trail Runs" which we held last summer. He is an avid Trail Runner, and a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy.

Seizing on his entry into the WS100 as an opportunity, Mike has started a fundraising campaign for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, with a stated goal of raising $1000. Well, he managed to do that in less than a day and the new goal is $10000, and Movin Shoes is going to be finding ways to support this effort.

This will begin at the Mt. Soledad Challenge 10k, a minor variation on the usual Monday Run from the PB store, to be held on February 25th. The run is brutal (in 10k terms) and beautiful, and best of all FREE! But we will be also suggesting a donation to Mike's effort for all who wish to. Anything from $1 to $100.

You can also donate today online HERE.

We will also be hosting a SPECIAL Mountain Monthly Trail Run that will be doing the same thing (likely the April run).

This is one of those rare charity running events where 100% of all donations go directly to the charity.

Read about Mike's event on his Facebook Event Here and come on out and join in the Movin Shoes opportunities to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning to Run

As runners we are always learning more about our sport, and one of the biggest things to learn is that there are no absolutes and no certainties. There is ALWAYS more to learn and new ways to grow.

At the stores we are constantly having the same experience, and we are confronted by new ideas and concepts continuously. This can be from new training ideas to new technologies in shoes or apparel.

We do know that we have accrued a HUGE amount of knowledge about a lot of things and that we LOVE to share this knowledge with you, the San Diego Running Community! This is why we started the Movin Shoes Elements of Running Series, designed to take about specific aspects of running and present time in layman's terms so that any and all runners can learn and grow.

We started with a clinic on Form, Posture, Cadence, and Footstrike. This clinic has been met with enthusiasm and warmth from all participants, and will be offered again in just 1 week.

You can sign up for it in advance ($10 preregistered and $15 day of event) or at the clinic itself. We cover, in the most simple ways, the importance of posture and rhythm and a few other aspects of movement to enjoying running (either to make it easier or to go faster or longer).

We will be adding a clinic on the benefits of Multi-Tiered Training soon too, discussing the important of everything from running fast to running slow (and how to blend these things to make your running better).

Movin Shoes is not just your running store, Movin Shoes is your running resource. We know the sport. We know the town. We know the products needed. And we love all of this.

Saucony Virrata In Stores

We just got in the awesome new Saucony Virrata!

Light weight and stylish, this is the latest in Saucony's revitalized light weight and cushioned line. A step lighter and lower than the popular Kinvara, the Virrata blends a great ride and smooth cushioning.

Great new stuff at Movin Shoes!

Pacific Beach: 1892 Garnet Ave (858) 373-2310
Encinitas: 897 S. Coast Hwy 101 (760) 634-2353
La Mesa: 6105 Lake Murray Blvd (760) 634-2353

New San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon Course Announced

So the new Rock'n'Roll Marathon course for San Diego was announced!!!


My initial course thoughts:

Brutal hill in that marathon!  Going up 163 the other direction is nasty and steep and the exit ramps are even worse. Gonna be a battle there at mile 20 to 21. Gonna be a suffer fest that adds new meaning to the term "hitting the wall", but this is mitigated somewhat by the wonderful descent (2nd time in the race) down Park Blvd to the finish at Petco Park. Other huge gains: No Fiesta Island!! The race still runs on the pedestrian pathway along Mission Bay, which is rough because it is narrow and cement, but at least that is not worse than last year. I would expect this course to run faster than the previous versions most likely, and it is certainly more enjoyable than last year's course by far. Mostly flat (1 massive hill, and a smaller one to cross over I-5 from Mission Bay to Morena Blvd) or downhill.

We are looking to set up a Wednesday evening Training Group (EVERYONE IS WELCOME FROM ANY TRAINING PROGRAM) to run up Bachman Place (replicating the hill of 163).  Details to come!

The Half Marathon, on the other hand, is amazing. A scenic tour of Uptown, which hopefully Competitor Group does a good job of selling to the local communities as a means of attracting potential new business to the areas!

Some of my favorite haunts, old and new, are on the course now!  Blind Lady Ale House, Tiger! Tiger!, Flavors of East Africa, Luigi's Pizza, and more! The course is at worst gently rolling upwards and at best (which is often) gradually declining to the finish! I would encourage anyone running the 1/2 Marathon to visit these neighborhoods before race day for a meal or a stroll. I think that would create a greater awareness of how wonderful these communities are in the grander scheme of San Diego. So explore and discover and RACE!

One of the keys to making an urban marathon work is the combination of disturbing the general populace with engaging the general populace. Actively recruiting businesses and community groups in the uptown area could make the treks along Adams Avenue and El Cajon Blvd simply AMAZING. We look forward to this course and what it can do not just for the event, but for the community of San Diego (both runners and non-runners alike).


A true urban race that does not shy away from major roads and works its way through many varied neighborhoods!  Great work to both the Competitor Group and the City of San Diego on this one.

Run well!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday Night Run Mayhem

So we started this new Monday Run at Movin Shoes in Pacific Beach.  You might have heard about it, or you might not have.

While currently a small cousin of the run in Encinitas on Mondays, last night we had the biggest showing and we had some awesome times and brainstormed two upcoming events!!!

So next Monday, February 18, we are going to host the first ever Movin Shoes Pacific Beach Pub Run. Merrell will be hosting the first round after the run (PB Tap Room).  The run will start at 6:00pm and be between 3-4 miles (your choice) and then we will stroll down to Tap Room and maybe Fred's after that.

RSVP on our facebook event so we have in IDEA of how many people might attend.

Next up, the following Monday (February 25th) we will be doing our first ever Soledad Challenge 10k!

Store door to store door, straight up and straight back down. 6.2 miles. 620 feet of elevation gain (and then loss). No prizes except honor and bragging rights. 6:10pm start to celebrate the start of Daylight Savings Time and evening light to run with!

Course Records will be established. Entry is FREE!  We might ask for shoe donations from people to help the San Diego homeless population, but this will not be mandatory.

On that same day at our Encinitas Monday Run, we will be having a special Carlsbad 5000 Entry Party at 6pm in association with the store run!

Save Cash Money and register at the event, as well as join the usual Monday Madness!  Fun everywhere!

Check us out!  So much fun!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

BOOSTing in the Future

The All New adidas BOOST is set to hit the stores soon. What is this shoe all about? Well, it is a revolutionary new method of treating an age old midsole material, essentially.

Back in the proverbial "Day", midsoles lasted longer because they were made with Polyurethane (PU). These midsoles were heavier, stiffer and less responsive than the newer material EVA. What adidas has done has been to replicate the durability of PU and blend it with the responsiveness of EVA. 

The results: an exceptionally cushioned and durable and responsive shoe!

It feels soft at ground impact but firm at toe off. It has more bounce to it than seems realistic, and it fits and feels great! 

While we will not be selling it until the end of the month, look for it to be in stores soon so you can SEE it at least.

Friday, February 8, 2013

San Diego Rainy Day

A rare and wonderful San Diego rain is upon us! While certainly not the same inundation as expected with the Blizzard of the Century descending upon Boston as I type, we will have some coolness and some showers it appears all day today!

Movin Shoes is offering up a special savings to deal with the rain:

30% off all Jackets and Outerwear through Monday, February 11th with our Weekly Savings Coupon!

Protect yourself from the harsh San Diego winter storm and look stylish at the same time!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Team Movin Shoes


What does it mean?

A few things.  Team Movin Shoes is every single Movin Shoes customer. Team Movin Shoes is you.

Team Movin Shoes is also the people we help support because we love the sport and we love to give back. Team Movin Shoes is the Elite Development Program and the Race Team too.

We feel that it is the best catch-all complete way to include all of our favorite people in one beautiful organization that is dedicated to both the excellence of the top achievers in the sport but also to the people who make the sport thrive.

We will be launching new and varied Team Movin Shoes initiatives over the next year, but first we want to thank ASICS for their support of the year old Movin Shoes Elite Development Team this season. They are helping local aspiring high level Track and Field athletes develop. Last year the team produced 1 Olympian and another Olympic Trials competitor. In addition, 2 other athletes achieved Olympic Trials Qualifiers. This season Linda Rainwater has already qualified for the USA Indoor Championships in the High Jump.

Look for greatness from her, as well as teammates Sonali Merrill (400m Hurdles), Stephanie LeFever (Long Jump),  Nick Howe (Javelin), Kelly Fogarty (100m and 200m), Jeff Head (Long Jump), Danielle Thu (Hammer Throw) and Jackie Boo Rose (400m).

Running in San Diego

Running in San Diego is awesome. Year round great weather, beautiful views, and the chance to run with some great people!

Last night I remembered how awesome it is as I ran through Hillcrest and Balboa Park on a nighttime escapade that made the evening come alive.

I have just decided to run in the Hot Chocolate 15k coming up in March and I needed to start getting serious. My coach cracked the whip and said NO WAITING, TIME TO GET ROLLING, so I headed out the door in my adidas adiZero Tempo at 8pm for my run. The night was crisp at the start, but as we run we warm up and the was rolling along happy and warm.

We love that this is town that there is so much going on and that the running world seems to be welcoming at every turn (I saw about 6 other runners out there, as well as numerous people taking an evening constitutional stroll).

San Diego!  We love you. Come share our love of running here on our weekly and monthly runs! Read about them and more on our latest E-Mail Club flyer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Previewing Mizuno's Spring 2014 Line

So we took at special SNEAK PEAK at the Mizuno shoes that are slated for release in Spring 2014 and we are IMPRESSED!

First off, the new midsole material in the Wave Rider 17 and Wave Inspire 10 makes the shoes as light as some racing shoes without sacrificing the traditional feel of the shoes!  They also have some awesome new design characteristics that include rounded edges to all lateral sides (thus easing the pressure of hitting the ground and reducing shearing forces!)

We think that the designs and the cosmetics here are spectacular.

Next up, there used to be a shoe we loved called the Wave Goodbye. This shoe was a hybrid racer, and in the near future there will be a shoe called the Wave Sayonara that will more or less replicate its awesomeness (and name) and also replace the Wave Precision in the line. The updates on this shoe for Spring 2014 are cosmetic but stunning and wonderful.

Some awesome stuff, but the most surprising is the entirely functional update of the Wave Prophesy, which transforms itself into a lighter, more nimble, and better designed shoe (though with a $215 price tag).

We are excited about these shoes!

Can't wait for 2014 already!

Find a full selection of Mizuno shoes and the expert staff to help fit you at your nearest Movin Shoes!

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