Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Asics New Arrivals: GT1000 and GT2000

We are pumped about the new arrivals of the Asics GT1000 and GT2000!

These are more than just redesigns, and they are a little more reinvention. With that being the case, the old standbys really do keep their functionality, so these are still going to be your awesome old friend, just dressed up in new clothes.

To start, the shoes are MUCH lighter and more runnable. They both flex better and weigh less, which improved the overall ride of the shoe, but they are still exceptionally stable and should not be any different in overall functionality than the older version the Gel 1170 and GT2170. Find your nearest MOVIN SHOES to test them out.

With nearly identical fit, function, and comfort, the new styles lower the heal in what can be easily seen as a blending of traditional footwear construction with the best of what the 'minimalist' movement has been driving towards.

In addition, Asics is making a foray into the world of PINK, with their GT1000 coming in a Breast Cancer pink for the month of October. This shoe is an AMAZING shoe for walking the Komen 3 Day Walk, and comes in the same bright pink for both Men and Women.

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