Friday, September 14, 2012

Cross Country Weekend All Set

So we have on tap an epic weekend of Cross Country racing that is going to happen under brutal heat conditions.


Set for this Saturday, the adidas/Movin Shoes Mt Carmel Invitational will begin at 8:30am at Morley Field.  The racing goes all day long, with the last race (likely in near 100 degree weather) starting at 2:50pm. Some of the best athletes in the San Diego and Southern California area will be competing, and this is truly an awe-inspiring meet ... worth seeing if you are in the area.

We will be at the High School Meet, trying to assist in taking care of the athletes as best we can with great deals on adidas shoes and offering up Vitalyte replacement drink for those in need.

You can get a coupon to save 25% on Vitalyte this weekend at our Weekly Savings Center.

Also in Balboa Park this weekend is the Aztec Invitational, San Diego State's annual high powered Cross Country Meet.  Starting and finishing near 6th and Quince, it is an opportunity to see some truly talented Collegiate athletes compete.  Races start at 8:00am, with the "A" races going at 8:30am (Women) and 9:00am (Men).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Movin Shoes and Asics

Today was a good day for Movin Shoes and for Asics!  Why?  We thought you might ask that.

Today Movin Shoes and Asics have agreed to partner on the support of the Movin Shoes Elite Development Program.  It is an exciting and bold new step in the formalization of the Elite Development Program, and one that may involve some structural changes to participation and support for the athletes.

In short, we feel that this unique partnership presents a great opportunity for Asics, Movin Shoes, and the athletes in the Elite Program.

As details become available, we will of course update everyone.

It is also an exciting time because we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the all new redesigns of the Asics GT 2170 and Gel 1170 ... newly retooled and renamed the GT2000 and GT1000.

Expect some radical innovation, but within the heritage of the success of the previous models.

We are excited.

Let's make magic happen.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping Running Specialty Special

Running Specialty. It is a notion that seems to be at odds with the new Internet based sales process that so many American's are drifting towards.

Running Specialty is inherently an in person experience. It is about getting the best fit and trying all the possibilities. Online this is impossible to achieve, and in store it is about that personal connection to both the product and the sales people.

At Movin Shoes we feel that this interaction is at the heart of what we do. Our staff are the people who make the store special, and they are the ones who work hard to make sure our customers are fit correctly and that they are comfortable with their choices. To this end we do not sell online, and we encourage all of our customers to make the best and most educated choice for both service and selection by coming to a Movin Shoes location.

We also appreciate the movement in the industry to have shoes that are targeted as "Brick and Mortar" only. This means that these are shoes that are not going to be sold online, but rather only at stores with real doors and real people helping you!

The first shoes we had that were in this category were the New Balance 860v2 and now the New Balance 880v2. Joining the ranks in about a month will be the Nike Structure Triax.

Running Specialty is not really about shoes, socks, insoles, or any product. It is about service, knowledge, and care. Supporting your local store that has these things is really supporting your community because these are the stores that are a part of what is happening and not just trying to take advantage of the amazingness of the running and the joy it brings to people.

Shop local.

In San Diego this means visit Movin Shoes, Laces, San Diego Running Institute or The Running Center.

These are the real community stores.

Check them out for the service that makes a real difference.