Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nike FlyKnit and Altra Instinct and Intuition

So what is NEW at Movin Shoes?

Too many things to detail completely, but here are some of the newest product things we got going:

We expect the Nike FlyKnit to arrive any day.  What is flyknit?  It is a revolutionary new upper (the top of the shoe) construction mechanism that creates almost ZERO wasted material (about 4 inches of thread per shoe).

Pretty amazing ... and pretty cool looking.

They will come in a trainer and a racer version and should be arriving very very soon.  If you join our E-Mail club, you will get informed immediately!

Also expected in are the Altra Zero Drop training shoes!  These are not the prettiest shoes in the world, we admit, but they run amazing well and offer plenty of cushioning for the stable and low to the ground feel.

They are a nice transition away from the Zero Drop Zero Cushion shoes if you need to have a little extra 'stuff' under your foot.

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