Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer, Bittersweet Joy

So summer is coming to a close ...

This week we saw some of the tell tale signs for us at Movin Shoes ...

The last of the Summer Run Series at the Encinitas Monday Run was held, and the last of the Summer Chase the Sun Fun Runs was yesterday.

We are also seeing the start of the true Fall racing season with Cross Country starting up for young and old! 

This week marks the start of High School and College Cross Country beginning their campaigns. We will be at 2 High School, 1 College, and 1 Open (post-collegiate) Cross Country Events this weekend!

But as the summer ends, we lament the end of some of our great events that took us through the summer.

The Summer Chase the Sun Fun Runs had a truly dynamic core of runners who had a wonderful time exploring some of the new areas of Mission Trails Regional Park they had never been to. We made great friends and talked about our pasts and futures as runners and as people. In short, we were runners together, transcending age, gender, ability, and goals. We enjoyed the trails, the light, the talk, the company.

What the Fall holds is more of the same, but in new directions.

We hope you find a way to make our efforts part of your experience with our continuing group runs
So let's make the Fall as amazing as the Summer ... check back for some of the exciting things we have planned for Winter and Spring too.  The rest of 2012 and all of 2013 will be amazing.

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