Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cross Country and the Dogs of Dirt

Oh Fall!

For so many runners it conjures up the way that they were first exposed to running ... Cross Country.

The Trails. The Team. The tough as heck courses. The hills. The pain. The survival.

Saturday morning start lines in dewy grass.

Well, for those who miss those days, or even want to experience them for the first time, San Diego offers you a unique experience. A very well established and managed Cross Country series for adults.

The Asics Dirt Dog Series in San Diego is just getting rolling, and it features many of the finest runners in San Diego as well as many of the newest members of the running community.  

Races are much less expensive in these "No Frills" events, and the races are just amazing fun from start to finish (even when they are painful as this weekend's Balboa 4 Miler).

(Re)Discover the joy of Cross Country.

Visit the Movin Shoes website for links to more details, and go race fast.

Have fun.

Smile through the pain.


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