Sunday, August 12, 2012

And The Storm Blew Into Us

Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly, August 12th, 2012 ....

An intrepid band of runners braved the heat and humidity to participate in the first ever "Cuyamaca Half Marathon" today, and it was an interesting event.

First sign that things were odd was spotting a domestic cat (though feral), prowling about near the Sweetwater River Bridge on Highway 79.

From there, things got interesting ... after spotting a wild turkey strolling in a meadow, we began the 2500' climb up the Half Marathon Course, with Hugh leading the way.

We ran into a myriad of difficulties from the weather (heat) to coyotes, to water crossings and fallen trees on the course, but Hugh managed to press on to a new CR and win!

The strange part occurred then.  We had been watching the small little clouds gather and grow, when suddenly the loudest thunder clap went off directly overhead and lightning streaked across the sky. It took a minute or so, but then the rain came.  No small rain.  Torrential Rain.  And Hail.

So much fun!!!! So awesome.

For details on the run course visit HERE.

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See you on the trails!

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