Friday, August 17, 2012

AFC Half: Good Luck to All!


AFC Half Marathon is this weekend it is going to be a cooker out there, so be prepared.

What to do?

1. Pre-hydrate.  make full use of the fact that they have portables at the start and make sure you are adequately hydrated at the start.  

2. Keep salt intake up. Salt is the 2nd most important thing lost in sweat (behind water).  Be sure to have had enough salty foods the day before, but also consider taking an electrolyte supplement in advance of the race.

3. Hydrate well in the race.

4. Be patient. Don't run too fast even if it is feeling good.  The race is downhill for most of the early portions and it is best to stay within control so that the hotter and hillier 2nd half are more achievable.

Mostly, try to relax and enjoy the race.

Best of luck to all the AFCers.

Run well. Run happy. Run awesome.

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