Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Asics New Arrivals: GT1000 and GT2000

We are pumped about the new arrivals of the Asics GT1000 and GT2000!

These are more than just redesigns, and they are a little more reinvention. With that being the case, the old standbys really do keep their functionality, so these are still going to be your awesome old friend, just dressed up in new clothes.

To start, the shoes are MUCH lighter and more runnable. They both flex better and weigh less, which improved the overall ride of the shoe, but they are still exceptionally stable and should not be any different in overall functionality than the older version the Gel 1170 and GT2170. Find your nearest MOVIN SHOES to test them out.

With nearly identical fit, function, and comfort, the new styles lower the heal in what can be easily seen as a blending of traditional footwear construction with the best of what the 'minimalist' movement has been driving towards.

In addition, Asics is making a foray into the world of PINK, with their GT1000 coming in a Breast Cancer pink for the month of October. This shoe is an AMAZING shoe for walking the Komen 3 Day Walk, and comes in the same bright pink for both Men and Women.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cross Country Weekend All Set

So we have on tap an epic weekend of Cross Country racing that is going to happen under brutal heat conditions.


Set for this Saturday, the adidas/Movin Shoes Mt Carmel Invitational will begin at 8:30am at Morley Field.  The racing goes all day long, with the last race (likely in near 100 degree weather) starting at 2:50pm. Some of the best athletes in the San Diego and Southern California area will be competing, and this is truly an awe-inspiring meet ... worth seeing if you are in the area.

We will be at the High School Meet, trying to assist in taking care of the athletes as best we can with great deals on adidas shoes and offering up Vitalyte replacement drink for those in need.

You can get a coupon to save 25% on Vitalyte this weekend at our Weekly Savings Center.

Also in Balboa Park this weekend is the Aztec Invitational, San Diego State's annual high powered Cross Country Meet.  Starting and finishing near 6th and Quince, it is an opportunity to see some truly talented Collegiate athletes compete.  Races start at 8:00am, with the "A" races going at 8:30am (Women) and 9:00am (Men).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Movin Shoes and Asics

Today was a good day for Movin Shoes and for Asics!  Why?  We thought you might ask that.

Today Movin Shoes and Asics have agreed to partner on the support of the Movin Shoes Elite Development Program.  It is an exciting and bold new step in the formalization of the Elite Development Program, and one that may involve some structural changes to participation and support for the athletes.

In short, we feel that this unique partnership presents a great opportunity for Asics, Movin Shoes, and the athletes in the Elite Program.

As details become available, we will of course update everyone.

It is also an exciting time because we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the all new redesigns of the Asics GT 2170 and Gel 1170 ... newly retooled and renamed the GT2000 and GT1000.

Expect some radical innovation, but within the heritage of the success of the previous models.

We are excited.

Let's make magic happen.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping Running Specialty Special

Running Specialty. It is a notion that seems to be at odds with the new Internet based sales process that so many American's are drifting towards.

Running Specialty is inherently an in person experience. It is about getting the best fit and trying all the possibilities. Online this is impossible to achieve, and in store it is about that personal connection to both the product and the sales people.

At Movin Shoes we feel that this interaction is at the heart of what we do. Our staff are the people who make the store special, and they are the ones who work hard to make sure our customers are fit correctly and that they are comfortable with their choices. To this end we do not sell online, and we encourage all of our customers to make the best and most educated choice for both service and selection by coming to a Movin Shoes location.

We also appreciate the movement in the industry to have shoes that are targeted as "Brick and Mortar" only. This means that these are shoes that are not going to be sold online, but rather only at stores with real doors and real people helping you!

The first shoes we had that were in this category were the New Balance 860v2 and now the New Balance 880v2. Joining the ranks in about a month will be the Nike Structure Triax.

Running Specialty is not really about shoes, socks, insoles, or any product. It is about service, knowledge, and care. Supporting your local store that has these things is really supporting your community because these are the stores that are a part of what is happening and not just trying to take advantage of the amazingness of the running and the joy it brings to people.

Shop local.

In San Diego this means visit Movin Shoes, Laces, San Diego Running Institute or The Running Center.

These are the real community stores.

Check them out for the service that makes a real difference.

Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer, Bittersweet Joy

So summer is coming to a close ...

This week we saw some of the tell tale signs for us at Movin Shoes ...

The last of the Summer Run Series at the Encinitas Monday Run was held, and the last of the Summer Chase the Sun Fun Runs was yesterday.

We are also seeing the start of the true Fall racing season with Cross Country starting up for young and old! 

This week marks the start of High School and College Cross Country beginning their campaigns. We will be at 2 High School, 1 College, and 1 Open (post-collegiate) Cross Country Events this weekend!

But as the summer ends, we lament the end of some of our great events that took us through the summer.

The Summer Chase the Sun Fun Runs had a truly dynamic core of runners who had a wonderful time exploring some of the new areas of Mission Trails Regional Park they had never been to. We made great friends and talked about our pasts and futures as runners and as people. In short, we were runners together, transcending age, gender, ability, and goals. We enjoyed the trails, the light, the talk, the company.

What the Fall holds is more of the same, but in new directions.

We hope you find a way to make our efforts part of your experience with our continuing group runs
So let's make the Fall as amazing as the Summer ... check back for some of the exciting things we have planned for Winter and Spring too.  The rest of 2012 and all of 2013 will be amazing.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Everyone Wants New Shorts

Hello Blogosphere!

No Political Wrangling or Obfuscation Here!

Movin Shoes wants to give someone some free shorts.

Whatcha gotta do?

Sign Up for our E-Mail Club.


Pretty simple!  One lucky registration between now and the end of September will win a free pair of shorts at Movin Shoes!  So sign up.  It is worth it even if you don't win a pair of shorts.  Seriously.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cross Country and the Dogs of Dirt

Oh Fall!

For so many runners it conjures up the way that they were first exposed to running ... Cross Country.

The Trails. The Team. The tough as heck courses. The hills. The pain. The survival.

Saturday morning start lines in dewy grass.

Well, for those who miss those days, or even want to experience them for the first time, San Diego offers you a unique experience. A very well established and managed Cross Country series for adults.

The Asics Dirt Dog Series in San Diego is just getting rolling, and it features many of the finest runners in San Diego as well as many of the newest members of the running community.  

Races are much less expensive in these "No Frills" events, and the races are just amazing fun from start to finish (even when they are painful as this weekend's Balboa 4 Miler).

(Re)Discover the joy of Cross Country.

Visit the Movin Shoes website for links to more details, and go race fast.

Have fun.

Smile through the pain.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running San Diego

We continue to update and build our database on Running in San Diego!

Added now are runs in Hollenbeck Canyon and Balboa Park to the RAVE RUN section of our website.

We will be hosting a 'race' at Hollenbeck Canyon as part of the Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly series on September 23rd with run options of 6.5mi or 12.0mi. Pick your poison, pick your misery. These are not going to be easy courses in terms of either surface or elevation gain, so be prepared for some fun.

Visit us at www.movinshoes.com to find out even more useful information!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Impressions: Nike FlyKnit Trainer

First Impressions are important.  They are not everything, but in running shoes it is a lot.

So Movin Shoes received its first part of our Nike FlyKnit order today, and we have now had a chance to put it on our foots (sic) and see how it feels!
The results:

We like it.  We actually like it a lot. And that is sometimes hard for new product launches.

First off, the big story behind the shoe is a the new manner in which they make the upper (the "upper" is the part of the shoe that is not the cushioning or outsole ... it is what holds the shoe on your foot, etc ...). They claim to have reduced waste in construction to something like 4 inches of string.  Awesome if true. But also important is that it works.  And it does.  This shoe fits snuggly in all  the right places, but has the ability to mold to your foot because of the single knit unit upper (think of it like a sweater ... only not too hot).  FlyKnit works.  It really does.

Now, the midsole cushioning:  this is a suprisingly (for Nike) firm shoe.  It has all the aspects one would want from a performance trainer or even a racing shoe in its responsive feel on the ground. There is little support, so for anyone who is a major overpronator this shoe might be a reach to run in. The shoe is also a little on the stiff side in the forefoot.  The running shoe industry is always flirting with the notion of  "recoil" as a benefit, but we are sorta not all into that.  We prefer letting the foot do the work, but it seems like this shoe will likely become more flexible with use.

The outsole is simple and effective.  It helps reduce weight by being both thin placed in the high abrasion areas.

Overall this shoe is pretty sweet.  We like it muy mucho.

Monday, August 20, 2012

AFC Hangovers, Gordy Haskett Runs, and more!

The AFC Half Marathon has come to a close again. One of the highlight events in the San Diego racing scene, we were pleased to see so many local women finish at the top of the standings, including the Champion Paula Whiting, 3rd place finisher Natasha La Beaud, and 7th placer Sopagna Eap. Great to see the locals rising to the top in some prominent races.

We are running a promotion too!  Share your AFC stories (brief, or long) on our Movin Shoes - PB Facebook Wall ("Like" the page too) and one of the entries will win a FREE PAIR OF SHORTS.

Friday, August 17, 2012

AFC Half: Good Luck to All!


AFC Half Marathon is this weekend it is going to be a cooker out there, so be prepared.

What to do?

1. Pre-hydrate.  make full use of the fact that they have portables at the start and make sure you are adequately hydrated at the start.  

2. Keep salt intake up. Salt is the 2nd most important thing lost in sweat (behind water).  Be sure to have had enough salty foods the day before, but also consider taking an electrolyte supplement in advance of the race.

3. Hydrate well in the race.

4. Be patient. Don't run too fast even if it is feeling good.  The race is downhill for most of the early portions and it is best to stay within control so that the hotter and hillier 2nd half are more achievable.

Mostly, try to relax and enjoy the race.

Best of luck to all the AFCers.

Run well. Run happy. Run awesome.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

And The Storm Blew Into Us

Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly, August 12th, 2012 ....

An intrepid band of runners braved the heat and humidity to participate in the first ever "Cuyamaca Half Marathon" today, and it was an interesting event.

First sign that things were odd was spotting a domestic cat (though feral), prowling about near the Sweetwater River Bridge on Highway 79.

From there, things got interesting ... after spotting a wild turkey strolling in a meadow, we began the 2500' climb up the Half Marathon Course, with Hugh leading the way.

We ran into a myriad of difficulties from the weather (heat) to coyotes, to water crossings and fallen trees on the course, but Hugh managed to press on to a new CR and win!

The strange part occurred then.  We had been watching the small little clouds gather and grow, when suddenly the loudest thunder clap went off directly overhead and lightning streaked across the sky. It took a minute or so, but then the rain came.  No small rain.  Torrential Rain.  And Hail.

So much fun!!!! So awesome.

For details on the run course visit HERE.

For updates on Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly Runs, visit HERE.

See you on the trails!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nike FlyKnit and Altra Instinct and Intuition

So what is NEW at Movin Shoes?

Too many things to detail completely, but here are some of the newest product things we got going:

We expect the Nike FlyKnit to arrive any day.  What is flyknit?  It is a revolutionary new upper (the top of the shoe) construction mechanism that creates almost ZERO wasted material (about 4 inches of thread per shoe).

Pretty amazing ... and pretty cool looking.

They will come in a trainer and a racer version and should be arriving very very soon.  If you join our E-Mail club, you will get informed immediately!

Also expected in are the Altra Zero Drop training shoes!  These are not the prettiest shoes in the world, we admit, but they run amazing well and offer plenty of cushioning for the stable and low to the ground feel.

They are a nice transition away from the Zero Drop Zero Cushion shoes if you need to have a little extra 'stuff' under your foot.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Movin Shoes Elite Development Program winds the season down

movin shoes

So the 2012 Track and Field season is finally running down, and it gives us a chance to ponder what it meant to us at Movin Shoes Running Centers.

This season marked the first year of our unique Elite Development Program, and we could not have been more excited at the results. The season began relatively slowly in terms of mark progressions, but finished in a flurry and we have some AMAZING achievements from the athletes we are working with.

Kelly Fogarty and Stephanie LeFever, both 2012 graduates of UC San Diego and the Tritons, each hit qualifying marks for the 2012 US Olympic Trials after massive personal records at the end of the season.  Kelly, a 200m specialist, achieve an Olympic B Standard along the way, but was not selected to compete in Eugene because of the strength of that event in the US.  Stephanie was selected to compete and made the trip to Eugene and competed at the Trials!  We were so excited and know that this was just a stepping stone.

Movin Shoes
Then the big news came when Christine Sonali Merrill was selected to compete for Sri Lanka in the 400m Hurdles in London!  What an honor!  She ran a season best and moved from being ranked 40th of 42 on entry marks to finishing 30th. Merrill, the Sri Lankan National Record Holder, returns to San Diego in less than a week with what will be amazing stories of an Olympic experience.

We expect to make some big announcements about the program in the coming weeks, but for now we are excited to be adding two new elements.

  1. We will have a B Level qualifying standard to do even more to support and promote post-collegiate Track and Field
  2. We have added a couple of new amazing A Level athletes to the program already in Jackie Rose (400m) and Nick Howe (Javelin)
We expect continued success from the current members who are all returning, and look to see even more success for the team with our new 2013 additions.

For now, enjoy some of the news coverage our program received in 2012:



Back to the Blogs! Head to the Hills!

Back at this whole blogging this!

So yesterday an intrepid band of 5 of us headed out into the heat to face down the sun in the latest misadventure of the Summer Chase the Sun Fun Run series hosted by Movin Shoes Running Centers!

The course was hard (2 brutal climbs and a stunningly precarious descent) led us on a large loop in Mission Trails regional mark.

We will be continuing this run through the end of August (when, sadly, summer ends), but our other store runs will continue throughout the entire year:
Movin Shoes Trails
You will also want to know about the Thursday Yoga for Runners sessions held at Movin Shoes in Encinitas.