Friday, October 22, 2010

New Directions in Running Footwear

As we have mentioned before, Movin Shoes is exceptionally excited at the new directions that running footwear is trending towards ... which is really in an old direction.

The "Less is More" minimalist approach to running shoes has been the mantra at our stores since they first opened their doors in 1977. What does this mean for you, though, is an important question to ask!

Since most runners have been introduced to running and continue to run in shoes that feature what has become "Traditional" dimensions that usually include heal heights of approximately 1" these runners need to be aware that making a move into footwear that has nearly 0" heal heights is a precarious and risk filled venture.

We recommend a moderate approach to "weening" runners from this 'more is more' shoe, and taking a long term look at the ultimate goal of foot, ankle and lower leg strengthening that occurs with the use of more minimal footwear.

How can this be accomplished?

There are two primary ways to go about this.

The first is a slow introduction of a radically lower and less supportive shoe. This entails getting a truly minimal shoe (ie a Vibram 5 Finger, a Cross Country flat or a very light road race shoe) and using it on limited occasions and with low total use. This allows adaptation to this position and strength needs to occur without a complete shift and reduces some of the risk factors with the move.

The other mechanism is more of a step down approach. Doing this is a gradual lessening of the shoe you use over time. This might mean that the next shoe you get you look at the "light weight trainer" category, and then maybe the heavier road racers before finally settling on the right amount of shoe.

We are excited about the new offerings from manufacturers, but we also recognize that there are people who are wary of moving into less shoe, and we also support that.

We believe that the shoe that makes you the most comfortable with running is ultimately the best shoe for you and we want to be there helping you enjoy your running every step of the way.

Run happy, run well, and enjoy the day!

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  1. Hi guys. Isn't it great that the minimal direction is finally getting some respect? In particular, the five finger design is brilliant. Have you done any work with barefoot running? I like the new website and this blog is a good idea. (you might want to run spellchecker before you post) I'll be watching with interest.


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