Thursday, August 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

I am sorry for the lack of updates, but your Movin Shoes blogger was in the process of moving and was without stable Internet connection. But now on to the good stuff, and boy do I have a lot to share with you.

With this bizarre and awkward summer weather nearing its end, and Fall close on its heals it is now officially time to get excited for HS Cross Country! Besides Movin Shoes covering all your training shoe needs, we now have our fresh batch of Adidas, Brooks, and Nike XC Racing Flats in store! Just a word of warning you may feel ridiculously fast in them.

5k Training Program
The current craze in the Running Community seems to be marathons, however going from couch to Marathon is a huge jump without proper training. Why not run a 5k instead? In fact why not let us train you to run a 5k, for free? November 7th marks race day for the Shelter Island Big Bay 5k Run/Walk. Starting August 31st out of our Pacific Beach location, Movin Shoes will be offering a comprehensive beginners 5k training program free of charge. The program will last 10 weeks, with group runs every Tuesday evening at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, to RSVP call our PB store @ (858) 373 2310. Check out our program's website as well - Movin Shoes 5k Training Program.

Mt. Monthly
This summer’s next Mountain Monthly is fast approaching so get ready! On August 22nd we will meet at MS La Mesa and head up to Mt. Laguna to run the Pacific Crest Trail. Bring along a snack or a bag lunch as we will be having a group potluck at the picnic grounds following the run. Hikers are welcome! See the Facebook Event Site for more info.

Just as a word of warning, our Vibram stock is running low, so if you are looking to join the barefoot revolution or just loving seeing your toes give us a call and see if we have your size. We still have a good size run in Woman’s but Men’s are looking sparse.

E-Mail Club
For those of you who are not members of our E-Mail you didn’t receive a sweet discount card in your inbox this past week. Angry? Jealous? Well do something about it an join our email list! Sign up is on the home page. More deals to come in the future!

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