Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Shoes, New Colors, Free Stuff?

Tomorrow evening at the Pacific Beach Store's Wednesday Night Run we will be giving out Strands backpacks and tote bags. For those who don't know about Strands, they are a website that meshes together the concepts of an online running log and social networking. Allowing one to track their workouts, while keeping everyone apprised of their daily exploits. They also have a great app that allows you to log your runs one your smart phone, as well as an upload platform for your Garmin.

On top of that the delivery trucks dropped off some sweet new shoes. We now have the new colors options in our M/W's Adizero Mana, Tempo, and Adios. And for our Mizuno Precision fans we just got in a shipment of the 11's. We also received new colors in other Mizuno shoes. Expect all these new colors to make their way to all the stores by the end of this week.

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