Monday, December 20, 2010

E-Mail Club is savings and MORE

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It is fast and free and here is what you get:

1. A minimum 10% savings on all purchases (no "Club" fees, just great service and great savings)
2. Deeper savings on specific products on occasion.
3. Information on upcoming runs, clinics, seminars, and training programs.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Clinics, New Run, New Years

Movin Shoes announces two new Clinic Series!

Series 1: Beginners Running. This is designed to get information to beginning runners about form, training, gear, safety and more. We will hold these clinics at our Pacific Beach store on Tuesdays December 7th and 14th at 6pm.

Series 2: Minimalist Footwear. This is a helpful clinic to navigate the information about and proper ways to apply the newest ideas about Minimalist Footwear. These clinics will also be at Pacific Beach on Thursdays December 9th and 16th at 6pm.

You do not want to miss the December 12th Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly. We are headed to Cuyamaca State Park and it is beautiful. For more information join the Mountain Monthly E-Mail list by sending an e-mail to

And finally, as we head towards 2011, we look forward to helping you enjoy your running more! If you have comments or suggestions, let us know on our homepage at, and mark your calendars for March 2011 ... the 33 1/3 Anniversary of Movin Shoes - San Diego.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Days of Meb!

Beginning to today Meb's new autobiography Run to Overcome is available for purchase in store!

It is the story of his life from his early days in Eritrea through his immigration and eventual Olympic achievements for his adopted country The United State of America.

In store now at $25.00

In addition, Meb will be signing copies of his book THIS WEDNESDAY, November 24th at the Movin Shoes, Pacific Beach location (1892 Garnet Ave) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm!

Come in and meet this iconic San Diegan, American, Olympian, and so much more.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Clinics and Trails this Weekend!

Greetings Movin Shoesers!

We wanted to let you know about 2 events coming up this weekend!

The first is a Clinic on how to successfully begin running!

We will cover topics from How Much To Run to Form and Hill Running. Learn some basics to make your run more enjoyable and to increase the benefits of running while decreasing the chances of getting hurt!

This clinic is to be held at 9am at the Movin Shoes in Pacific Beach at 1892 Garnet Ave.

Also, the 11th Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly heads out of the parking lot at Daley Ranch in Escondido this Sunday at 8am!


We will meet at the Daley Ranch dirt parking lot at 8am and leave on the run at 8:10. The parking lot is at the top of La Honda Drive in Escondido (3024 La Honda is the address).

All abilities and experience levels are welcome. The trail is AMAZING and beautiful ... a gem in the heart of Escondido!

For more information visit the Movin Shoes - La Mesa facebook page!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Spotted These!

New Brooks Green Silence now in all our stores!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Directions in Running Footwear

As we have mentioned before, Movin Shoes is exceptionally excited at the new directions that running footwear is trending towards ... which is really in an old direction.

The "Less is More" minimalist approach to running shoes has been the mantra at our stores since they first opened their doors in 1977. What does this mean for you, though, is an important question to ask!

Since most runners have been introduced to running and continue to run in shoes that feature what has become "Traditional" dimensions that usually include heal heights of approximately 1" these runners need to be aware that making a move into footwear that has nearly 0" heal heights is a precarious and risk filled venture.

We recommend a moderate approach to "weening" runners from this 'more is more' shoe, and taking a long term look at the ultimate goal of foot, ankle and lower leg strengthening that occurs with the use of more minimal footwear.

How can this be accomplished?

There are two primary ways to go about this.

The first is a slow introduction of a radically lower and less supportive shoe. This entails getting a truly minimal shoe (ie a Vibram 5 Finger, a Cross Country flat or a very light road race shoe) and using it on limited occasions and with low total use. This allows adaptation to this position and strength needs to occur without a complete shift and reduces some of the risk factors with the move.

The other mechanism is more of a step down approach. Doing this is a gradual lessening of the shoe you use over time. This might mean that the next shoe you get you look at the "light weight trainer" category, and then maybe the heavier road racers before finally settling on the right amount of shoe.

We are excited about the new offerings from manufacturers, but we also recognize that there are people who are wary of moving into less shoe, and we also support that.

We believe that the shoe that makes you the most comfortable with running is ultimately the best shoe for you and we want to be there helping you enjoy your running every step of the way.

Run happy, run well, and enjoy the day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vibram 5 Finger Arrivals

Hey all!

Greetings from Movin Shoes!

We wanted to let you know that we are getting in some of our Vibram orders in as we speak! In the stores this weekend we will have the Men's KSO and the ALL NEW Men's Trek Sport (this one we are excited about). The Women's KSO are in as well.

Still awaiting the Bikilas and the Women's Trek Sport, but soon.

If you are going to be at the San Diego Zoo Walk, drop on by at the expo! We will be there exhibiting the latest and greatest.

We are also very excited about the upcoming Spring Wild Animal Park Half Marathon! Details are still being worked out, but this one should be fun (if not a bit challenging as there are a few hills around out there).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun and Excitement

New Products, New Runs, New Friends

Hello to all in the Movin Shoes empire!

In continuing efforts to take over the world, Movin Shoes has introduced some new products to the stores!

We now have Native Eyewear, protection from the sun and wind, comfortable, light, and with 2 seperate colored lenses for bright sun and for mixed shadow and sun.

We also have received the new Asics Gel 1160 in stock. A nice update on the shoe that has helped redefine value. A moderate stability trainer with good flexibility and reasonably light. It comes in at a pleasant $85.00, so it does not break the bank!

We have also started an e-mail service to let people know about the Movin Shoes Mountain Monthly trail runs. To join the list, e-mail us at and you will be added. We take these runs as chances to showcase many of the finest and most beautiful back country trails that San Diego has to offer. They are free and fun.

And, as always, remember that we have our weekly free store runs. Mondays at 6pm in Encinitas for a continuous 3-6 mile run, Tuesdays (for the next 5 weeks) the Beginners 5k Program at Movin Shoes in Pacific Beach at 6pm, and then the Wednesday Night Run at Movin Shoes in PB as well (again at 6pm).

Join us and bring your friends.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mt. Carmel Invite

This past weekend marked the start of the California XC season. Now there have been some small meets preceding this weekend; however they pale in comparison, as many of the State's top runners were out this past weekend to open their seasons. This past weekend hosted meets such as the De La Salle Invite (NCS), the Woodbridge Invite (SS), and of course Mt. Carmel. I would love to regale you with my own version of race recaps, however your Movin Shoe's blogger was working a shift at the Pacific Beach store. However, I have gathered up numerous (professional) recaps of the race which can be found below along with a link to the results (last item).

Carl (Store Owner!) was able to snap some photos of the individual race winners (slideshow). There are also many other photos of race day action floating around the interwebs which can be found at one of these flikr photostreams, enjoy!

Your 2010 Mt. Carmel Invite DI/DII Senior Boys and Girls Winners. {click thumbnail to see larger image}

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

I am sorry for the lack of updates, but your Movin Shoes blogger was in the process of moving and was without stable Internet connection. But now on to the good stuff, and boy do I have a lot to share with you.

With this bizarre and awkward summer weather nearing its end, and Fall close on its heals it is now officially time to get excited for HS Cross Country! Besides Movin Shoes covering all your training shoe needs, we now have our fresh batch of Adidas, Brooks, and Nike XC Racing Flats in store! Just a word of warning you may feel ridiculously fast in them.

5k Training Program
The current craze in the Running Community seems to be marathons, however going from couch to Marathon is a huge jump without proper training. Why not run a 5k instead? In fact why not let us train you to run a 5k, for free? November 7th marks race day for the Shelter Island Big Bay 5k Run/Walk. Starting August 31st out of our Pacific Beach location, Movin Shoes will be offering a comprehensive beginners 5k training program free of charge. The program will last 10 weeks, with group runs every Tuesday evening at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, to RSVP call our PB store @ (858) 373 2310. Check out our program's website as well - Movin Shoes 5k Training Program.

Mt. Monthly
This summer’s next Mountain Monthly is fast approaching so get ready! On August 22nd we will meet at MS La Mesa and head up to Mt. Laguna to run the Pacific Crest Trail. Bring along a snack or a bag lunch as we will be having a group potluck at the picnic grounds following the run. Hikers are welcome! See the Facebook Event Site for more info.

Just as a word of warning, our Vibram stock is running low, so if you are looking to join the barefoot revolution or just loving seeing your toes give us a call and see if we have your size. We still have a good size run in Woman’s but Men’s are looking sparse.

E-Mail Club
For those of you who are not members of our E-Mail you didn’t receive a sweet discount card in your inbox this past week. Angry? Jealous? Well do something about it an join our email list! Sign up is on the home page. More deals to come in the future!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minimalism Talk

With the advent of the popular novel Born to Run and recent barefoot papers in major scientific publications, everyone and their mother is all aflutter with the minimalism trend. Believe it or not major running companies have always had a foot (sorry for the pun) in the minimal game with racing flats; though as of late “barefoot” specific shoes have made their way into the major running shoe market. However with this seemingly new type of shoe comes risk of injury and an adjustment period.

To help you make a decision on whether or not to become a minimalist or if you have already choose to do so, but are finding yourself lost Movin Shoes is here to help. This upcoming Wednesday (7/28) following our weekly run Movin Shoes will be putting on a free clinic on the use and adaptation of minimal running footwear. We will go over the benefits and downsides with the use of shoes spanning from no shoe to traditional trainers.

Come join us for a group run at 6pm and immediately following (7pm) all the information on shoes and no shoes that you could ever want.

Consider this your facebook invite.

Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Time: Run @ 6pm | Talk @ 7pm
Location: Pacific Beach Store
Street: 1892 Garnet Ave
City: Pacific Beach, CA

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Shoes, New Colors, Free Stuff?

Tomorrow evening at the Pacific Beach Store's Wednesday Night Run we will be giving out Strands backpacks and tote bags. For those who don't know about Strands, they are a website that meshes together the concepts of an online running log and social networking. Allowing one to track their workouts, while keeping everyone apprised of their daily exploits. They also have a great app that allows you to log your runs one your smart phone, as well as an upload platform for your Garmin.

On top of that the delivery trucks dropped off some sweet new shoes. We now have the new colors options in our M/W's Adizero Mana, Tempo, and Adios. And for our Mizuno Precision fans we just got in a shipment of the 11's. We also received new colors in other Mizuno shoes. Expect all these new colors to make their way to all the stores by the end of this week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adidas Supernova Adapt, Sequence 3, Brooks Ghost 3 Make Debuts

Some new shoes are sneaking onto our shop's walls. Adidas decided to bring the Sequence's counter to 3 and introduce a new shoe to replace its mainstay in the Supernova Classic. Meanwhile over at Brooks the Ghost 3 has already poked its head into our stores. Read on to see brief summaries of the updates, or better yet stop by your closest Movin Shoes and slip a pair on.

Brooks: Ghost 3 - A complete revision of the previous Ghost, giving it a more plush ride, while maintaining the smooth feel on the ground. A new fit expands the space in the forefoot and makes this shoe a better everyday trainer for the Neutral runner.

Adidas: Supernova Adapt & Sequence 3 - The new Supernova Adapt ($95.00) is in stock! This is the shoe that replaces the long lasting and ever popular Supernova Classic. We still have the Classic in stock for a bit, so if that is something you cherish, get them now ... But now to the Update of the Sequence 2. The Sequence 3 features new full forefoot adiPRENE cushioning and a new Torsion shape to increase the smoothness of the ride.